Xccent Play Cares About Our Enviornment

Blossom Bench

As responsible members of the Playground Industry and the planet, Xccent Play is committed to being an environmentally conscious company. During our expansion into a new facility in 2010, every method and process was re-evaluated and shaped to focus on waste reduction, recycling and process modification; including the evaluation of our suppliers’ processes and deliverables in order to assure adherence to our company’s strict environmental criteria.

In our efforts to maximize the amount of recycled materials we use, Xccent Play has demanded top level post-consumer recycled content beginning with our raw materials:
• Avg. recycled steel content – 31%
• Avg. recycled rope content – 50%
• Avg. recycled polymer content – 60%
• Avg. recycled High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) content – 70%


We encourage the use of materials containing recycled content and drive this initiative through to our vendors as well. From post-consumer recycled content in plastic wrap to the use of recycled pallets, the impact on the environment is a deciding factor.


Our progress towards lean manufacturing has thus far reduced our finished good inventory by 90% and raw materials by 50%. Reduced lead times along with flexible work schedules have resulted in reductions of our overall energy consumption.

Fact: Every year Xccent repurposes more than 26 tons of PVC including countless retired highway construction cones. This material is processed and given new life on playgrounds across America.